BMC are a Gold Certified Licensed Panel builder, authorised to manufacture Prisma P up to 3200A and Blokset up to 6300A. BMC has promoted the Schneider Electric brand of UPS since Group Schneider acquired MGE in 2004 and subsequently APC in 2007.
Using Schneider Electric products BMC provides technology and integrated solutions to optimise energy usage in sectors such as Infrastructure, Industry, Data Centres, Healthcare, Education, Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences, Banking and Finance.


UPS sales and service is a significant part of the BMC product and service offering, we sell UPS ranging from 500VA through to 10MVA.  All UPS are provided with custom battery autonomies to suit each client’s specific application.  We are experienced in the varying and specific demands of the many sectors now requiring UPS from Healthcare to Commerce, Industry and Data Centres.